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Stroll down memory lane

Monday, August 26, 2013

With everyone talking about the Heritage of Macarthur, we took a stroll through memory lane looking at where we’ve come from! From our start in 1985 with just 5 staff right up to today with over 230 staff, we’re still proudly looking after Macarthur.

You can find some of our favourite shots on our FaceBook page…

Herbie goes bananas

Monday, August 19, 2013

We had a nostalgic week this week at Paul Wakeling Volkswagen.

A much loved friend of the VW family popped in to say Hello or was that “Hallo”? Our very own “Herbie” arrived in the showroom and I’ve got to say he’s still got it, pulling lots of looks from the ladies.

The original “Love Bug”, Herbie first hit the cinemas in 1969 and ever since has been a real crowd pleaser. Whilst the original Beetle of the 60’s was a classic this new version is sure to continue the tradition. Now powered by a 118 kW Twin-charged 1.4 litre engine the new Herbie certainly has lots of go around town. With even more features than that banana loving Herbie of the 60’s and 70’s you can now relax in comfort knowing that with four airbags, ABS braking and Electronic Stability you can push the old Herbie to its limits.

For a bit of fun why don’t you pop on in to our Volkswagen Showroom in Blaxland Road and say g’day before he says “Auf Wiedersehen”....

Magical Winter weekends.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What a magical weekend!!

Like many MacArthur residents, the weekend’s lovely weather meant we were able to enjoy the best of the outdoors, meaning we could attend the weekends winter sporting events in clothing other than thick layers of wool.

August/September is always great for those whose footy teams are going well (I need to find something to cheer me up!!). It’s also great for kids sport as we start to see all those training sessions throughout the year come to fruition, and the feel of a little more warmth on your skin as the cool wrap of Winter falls away.

It was impressive to see with how many locals journeyed into Sydney for the City to Surf event. Congrats to all of you who made it and we’ll spare a thought for all the sore bodies this week!

It was also great to see a young local in Josie Talbot do so well overseas in the Junior Track World Championships. Josie finished 3rd in the 3000m individual pursuit and comes from a local cycling family, I’m sure many Macarthur Cyclists were proud of her achievements, well done Josie.

Here’s to a few more warm weekends to come and the hope that the Tigers can get back to their winning ways.

Election or Footy?

Monday, August 05, 2013

Well the date is set...

Like many people, I’m sure, I was somewhat relieved on Sunday when the federal election was finally announced. Hopefully now we can all get on with life and stop having to listen to the endless babble soon.

I’d far rather talk about how the St Thomas More fete was once again a success and a young girl from Ambarvale is now the proud owner of a pre-loved car raffled off on the day, or having flown up with Wests Tigers sponsors to the Gold Coast to watch them get smashed by the Titans. I could talk about how the NYC team showed great commitment in a huge come from behind win.

However I suspect over the next few weeks we will all be subject to lots of noise from our political leaders. My one wish for the upcoming federal election is that the community of the MacArthur receives the attention it deserves. I’m sure that our local candidates will do their best to push our local agendas and focus on employment growth, infrastructure and social opportunities.

Either way can we talk about the fete and footy again???

St Thomas More fete on again

Monday, July 29, 2013

Isn’t it amazing how fast the year goes. It feels like it should be April when in fact we’re more than half way through! The arrival of August at Wakelings means only one thing though. With the exception of one year since 1986 the first Sunday in August has meant that we head up once again to St Thomas Mores School Fete, to raffle of a pre-loved car.

I’m always amazed at the generosity of the parents & friends of St Thomas More. Each year they turn up, grandparents, uncles and aunties, teachers and friends and they all lend a hand to make this fete one that has been an event on the Campbelltown calendar for generations. There’s quite a few of my old class mates who now have children who attend there, and we bump in to each other near the chocolate wheel, it’s great to catch up.

This year Wakelings will once again be supplying a pre-loved used car for one lucky person to win. It’s certainly been my experience that the winners always seem really worthy, with many a good luck story to make our pride in being associated with the event grow.

So pop on down to the Fete this Sunday, we’ll have a few new cars on display and we’re always keen for chat!! We’d love to see you there too.

New FBT laws frustrate many

Thursday, July 25, 2013

It’s not often that I’ll write about governmental issues. But last week (like many other’s I imagine), I was one very frustrated businessman.

The proposed changes announced by the Federal Government for new FBT laws mean that a whole lot of motorists who might currently novate their vehicles and claim tax deductions (and therefore pay an element of FBT), now have to validate their business use. This change doesn’t just affect people employed in the motor industry (with an estimated 20- 30% of annual sales attributed to company cars), but also nurses, teachers, sales reps and many other professionals. I am certainly not opposed to change, but the way this change has been thrust upon business without any consultation is ridiculous.

As of Wednesday I had several sales staff anxious for their livelihood given some of the companies they deal with purchase vehicles under this novated system, not surprising when you hear that organisations like Qantas have frozen all their new car purchases under its salary sacrifice scheme whilst they seek clarification from the federal government.

On Friday the liberal party came out and said that they wouldn’t proceed with these changes, a move I obviously support. However, as business operators, we need more certainty than a “potential” electoral victory sometime in the next few months in order to make decisions about the structure of our businesses.

I look forward to a little more clarity this week from Kevin Rudd’s team and I ask that, this time, they consider the massive impact of their decisions on a whole lot of people who rely upon all those in Government to make decisions in the best interest of all……

Our own Aussie legend

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our own Aussie legend... With so much sport on at the moment, the team at Wakelings, (like most Macarthur residents) have had to utilise obscure methods to keep our eyes open through the daytime such as match sticks for our eyelids, as well as copious amounts of very strong coffee.

First Wimbledon, then the Tour, with an Australian winning stages and taking the coveted Yellow jersey, (we’re still hoping Cadel comes good and gets back into the top 5), now it’s the Ashes and a new Australian hope rising to the fore.

At the same time one of our very own has been competing over in England at the World Cup for Wheelchair Rugby League. Jason Voncina, our Assistant Sales Manager at our Campbelltown dealership has taken to the game with the same great passion he takes to each day at work. It’s inspiring to see this team of Aussie warriors bashing their way through the opposition, and whilst the results may not have gone their way, we are certainly proud of their efforts in representing themselves, their friends and family and their Nation.

Well done Jason, we look forward to seeing you home soon!!

If you want to make a stand, then its time to take a seat

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The all new VF Series Holden Special Vehicles Commodore has hit our showrooms with a lots of enthusiasts starting to pop in and check out this much-awaited new vehicle.

HSV have named the new range Gen F, rather than continue their previous E Series theme and having driven the new Gen F Clubsport R8 for a few days, its easy to understand why HSV saw the new vehicle as a “generational” change. Capturing all the new bits seen on the new Commodore range, the Gen F also adds a heap of HSV know-how.

Perhaps the best way to get a feel for the new Gen F range is to have a look at HSV’s commercial which we’ve placed the link to on our Facebook page. It asks some seriously good questions in a manner which shows why the appeal of HSV has always been so high. HSV aren’t ashamed of their heritage and they are experts at tugging on the emotion of enthusiasts, like they say...If you want to make a stand, then its time to take a seat....

To see more check out out Facebook page

The truth about Automotive Manufacturing investment.

Monday, July 01, 2013

A lot has been said over the past few months about the state of the Automotive manufacturing industry in Australia and with a Federal election looming, there’s sure to be plenty of talk around policies that relate to industry subsidies, tariffs and return to the Australian Shareholder.

You don’t have to go too far back to see that Australia has always been a world leader in the world of manufacturing, with things like the iconic Hills Hoist, lawn mowers, the bionic ear and even Wi-Fi being developed and produced here.

In the Automotive space there’s a few things to consider; Australia is one of only 13 countries in the world where cars can be designed and built from scratch, we have a lot of really smart Australians whose skills would be very valuable overseas if they couldn’t be utilised here. Estimates have the number of Australians (Taxpayers) employed in the Automotive Manufacturing industry at somewhere near 50,000 with a knock on of those related industries reaching somewhere near 300,000 people, quite a lot isn’t it? With regards to subsidies’ many people overestimate how “level” the playing field really is. In fact, each Australian invests yearly around $18 in the local Auto Manufacturing space, Germany as a comparison is somewhere closer to $90 and the USA around $260! Recently released numbers showed that Holden received $2.2B over the last 12 years, which underwrote a knock on investment value of some $32B for the same period.

Not sure what you think, but that sounds like a pretty good return for Australia, with the added benefit of locking in an industry that helps continue to put us at the forefront of manufacturing excellence. For more information head to or have a look at the YouTube video on FAPMAUS channel.

New VF technology turning heads.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Last week I wrote about the all new VF Commodore which arrived in the dealership this month. I mentioned the level of technology now available in the range and how it was turning heads, but it’s not until you get in and play with all the features that you really start to appreciate what a great vehicle this is and how far the engineers at Holden have taken this cars development.

Features like automatic park assist, which allows the vehicle to effectively park itself, taking the worry out of fitting into that tight parking space. A benefit of this technology is that the equipment also allows for adaptations, like reverse traffic alert which scans for adjacent approaching traffic when reversing from a car space and if a potential accident is detected you are alerted, avoiding accidents.

Probably one of the best features is the ‘head up’ display, which is a projection on the windscreen just under the drivers line of sight that shows navigation, speed and other vital pieces of information. The technology puts the new VF Commodore amongst the best in the world.

Come on down to the dealership and have a look, I’m sure you’ll be impressed too.